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Description: Free-eBooks is a powerful community currently with 1.8 million+ registered users that consist of a strong cross section of well educated and mid to high income earners!

Advertisers use Free-ebooks for Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Educational Campaigns, and to develop Customer Referrals and Loyalty - with both consumer and business decision-maker audiences.

Newsletter Ad Sizes & Rates:

Circulation: 1,800,000+ opt-in subscribers

Frequency: 1 time/week - Tuesdays

Newsletter Sponsorship - $2500 per sponsorship. Includes first paragraph with up to 200 words and 3 links.

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Dedicated Solo Mailings: Entire body of mailing is dedicated to advertiser content. Ad copy to be provided by advertiser (roughly one html page in length or approximately 200 words of text). Final version subject to publisher review and approval.

Circulation: up to 1,800,000+ subscribers

Frequency: 1 time/week - Thursdays

Price: $10 per Dedicated Solo Mailing

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