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Target Your Market!

At we can target specific markets based on the books our readers select. So if you are in the 'Fitness' industry, we can send your important message to those have been downloading 'Fitness' books exclusively, so that you know each recipient will be highly interested in hearing your specific offer! Here is a list of various segments we can specifically target:

Newsletter Advertising

Description: A free newsletter featuring a variety of articles linked to ebooks based on anything from Computers and Internet to Health and Diet.

Circulation: 1,600,000+ opt-in subscribers.

Frequency: 1 time/week - Tuesdays

Audience: Lawyers, students, accountants, professionals and personalities, media and hobbyists.

Ad Sizes & Rates:

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Dedicated Emails:

Frequency: 1 time/week - Thursdays

Entire body of mailing is dedicated to advertiser content. Ad copy to be provided by advertiser (roughly one html page in length or approximately 200 words of text). Final version subject to publisher review and approval.

Please enquire for pricing.

Website Advertising

Ads can be placed on the Homepage and/or the category pages. (Based on impressions) Circulation: 1.4+ million unique month visitors

$14 CPM per ad placement (Ex. 100,000 page views = $1,400).
Geo-targeting (example USA only)available at a rate of $19 CPM. There is a minimum buy requirement in this category of $1,000

Ad Sizes & Rates:

Homepage ads receive 1 million pageviews per month (30,000/daily)

There are 40+ categories where your ad can be placed. Category pages receive 1 million pageviews per month (30,000/daily)